WayOutWest leaving RamJam

I hadn’t realised. I wrote last week that there were a few more nice gigs at WayOutWest culminating in a fun end-of-term bash on July 29th.

Check out Chris Biscoe’s Band (8/7),
Tony Woods’ Project (15/7), (above)
Nette Robinson singing Carmen McRae (22/7)
The Way Out West Allstars (29/7).

But, after five years, it turns out that the end of-term jamboree on July 29th will be WayOutWest’s last regular Wednesday appearance.

These are resourceful folk, it’s been a wonderful listening gig. Any ideas for alternative venues in SW London anyone? Maybe a LondonJazz reader has a nice huge front room which could accommodate an audience of about 50 and run house concerts. Any ideas??

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  1. Try the Up 'N' Under in Twickenham. The new management are very keen to make it a renowned music venue, but I don't think they have their own sound system yet.


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