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I like Glasgow. And Glaswegians. And Sarti’s Cafe (above) .
Byas’d Opinion – named after the tune by Don Byas -is a jazz blog from Glasgow. And I like that too.
Byas’d , aka Tom Shearer wrote this about Bobby Wellins’ Glasgow Jazz Festival gig:
The more I hear Bobby Wellins, the more convinced I am that he’s not just one of the top UK jazz musicians, but one of the best contemporary mainstream sax players anywhere. Everything he plays is distinctively HIM, not just another highly-competent saxophone clone. […]Not a note is wasted.
Bobby Wellins tells me he met and chatted with Don Byas at Ronnie’s, but that they never played on the same stand.
Jazz bloggers of the UK that’s -among others- Peter and Tony from Birmingham, Jennifer from West-Central Scotland, Lance from Middlesborough, Chris and Oliver from London , fellow sufferers from this “socially acceptable form of schizophrenia” (E.L. Doctorow) ….I salute you!

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