"It’s perfect for a duo"

Kate Williams describes the spacious acoustics of St Lawrence Jewry church in Gresham Street in EC2, where she’ll be playing next Tuesday August 4th at 1pm, as “perfect for a duo”. There’s also a good piano which once belonged to Sir Thomas Beecham.

The sage of Muswell Hill, Chris Parker, has been writing nice and as, ever, to-the-point, things recently about Kate Williams :‘Williams is an unshowy, subtle player, relying on displacements of rhythmic emphasis rather than dazzling runs to make her musical points, but her soloing is none the less cogent and powerful for that. […]Admirably unfussy, impeccably performed, [..] a pianist/composer who should be better known.’

Williams also knows this venue. She has performed a lunchtime duo gig there as part of St Lawrence Jewry church’ s (otherwise classical) August music festival in each of the last three years. Her duo partner for the past three years has been Bobby Wellins. This year she’s with another revered, gentle giant of British jazz, Stan Sulzmann (above).

Sulzmann has worked with Williams for the past few years as part of the Way Out West collective, and guests with Williams’ quartet.

Expect a civilised, civilizing conversation between two fine musicians. And gorgeous sound in a helpful acoustic. Admission is free. It gets a good turn out, so if you want a decent pew, get there early.

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