12/13 September: Mayor’s Thames Festival on F-Ire

Details just in of the programme for the Freestage in Front of Tate Modern on September 12/13.

It’s massive. It’s free. It’s jazz. It’s programmed by London’s F-IRE Collective. The remarks below in italics are from the gleeful press release writer. I fancy going to the Porpoise Corpus/ Troyka sequence and Finn Peters…..all real improvisers.

Press Release says…..

The F-IRE stage will run from 12.00 until 7.00 pm each day – and will be followed by one of the highlights of the festival, the magical Fire Garden from Compagnie Carabosse

This is going to be the biggest free festival of Jazz that London has seen for a long time, and we are really pleased with the quality and variety of the bands. We have done our best to get the right balance between bands that will appeal to jazz fans, and bands that will appeal to the tens of thousands of passing visitors. This is a real opportunity to bring jazz to a much wider public, and we are confident that the mix is one they will enjoy.



12.00 Clown Revisited
Young and VERY Funky

13.10 The Irreverents
Young and very funky

14.20 Oriole
Beautiful filmic latin influenced jazz from Jonny Phillips

15.30 Royal Academy of Music Big Band plays the music of F-IRE

16.40 Finn Peters Quartet
Multiple award winner

17.50 Meta Meta
Afro-Cuban jazz from F-IRE Collective’s founder Barak Schmool and friends


12.00 Abimaro
Fine young singer with lots of soul

13.10 Jonathan Bratoeff
Brilliant French Guitarist leads his own trio

14.00 Porpoise Corpus
Funky intelligent music from Dave O’Brien’s sextet

15.15 Sam Crockatt Quartet
Young Loop collective sax player/Parliamentary Award-winner leads his quartet.

17.45 Fullborn Teversham
Seb Rochford’s other band!

All bands are definitely confirmed but it is possible that there may be some changes to the individual timings. Please check on the F-IRE website or the Festival’s website.

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