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-We’re looking for new writers to write for London’s leading jazz blog…. particularly about the young scene…any ideas?

-From next week this Newsletter will be re-named LondonJazz Wednesday Headlines.

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Previewing: Some really interesting things coming up.

On September 12th-13th there’s a F-Ire Collective Freestage outside Tate Modern as part of the Mayor’s Thames Festival

E17 Jazz will have the premiere of a new work for large ensemble by Liam Noble as part of their festival on Sep 20

Ten days to go in the Ronnie Scott’s BritJazz Festival

Barbican and South Bank shows on sale for the London Jazz Festival in November

Not yet up on the site: There’ll be a piece later about the Canary Wharf Festival and pianist Tom Cawley’s perspective on it

Reviewing: there have been some interesting things going on

-My highlight has been the Ronnie Scott’s debut of Gareth Lockrane’s stunning big band

-Saxophonist Andy Williamson’s hour on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square is worth watching for what he plays , and also what he says- what a great bloke!

-I listened to legend Tony Kinsey- he’s played with EVERYONE!- inspiring the band at the WayOutWest Kingston farewell

-Ealing – the borough council deserves praise for turning out a super festival year after year

-And heard young Mancunian singer Alex Stewart at the Pizza on the Park (and an unrepeatable Norfolk joke)

Other News

“Jones the jazz” as one LondonJazz reader called him (Quincy boyo to you) got honoured / photographed in Cardiff

A trade union has spoken up strongly on an issue affecting musicians

Brecon Jazz Festival’s PR Agency has done well with getting a story about jazz at Buckingham Palace in the 1920’s into the papers (It is August……)

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