This post might be just an excuse to put up a picture of beautiful scenery. But people interested in the Scottish scene should follow these..

-Jennifer’s Euphbass blog (she’s just posted a piece about the new Scottish Arts Council/ Serious scheme to help Scottish jazz musicians’ development.)

Tom Shearer’s Byas’d Opinion blog

This isn’t the full list…Any more anyone??

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  1. There's also Kenny Mathieson at The Scotsman.

    Also, one never needs an excuse to post beautiful pictures of Scotland!

    I'm trying to post one here, but this text entry box won't allow me to paste text (for that matter, the arrow keys don't work either) >:(

  2. Jennifer , thank you for the comment and keep up the good – no, fantastic – work!

    Plus thanks for the link to Kenny Mathieson: Journalisted is a great resource for those that don't know it.

    Plus apologies for the vagaries of Blogger.


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