A Quiz at Ronnie’s- with seven questions to answer

In the chair at tonight’s “I’ve got Jazz for you” quiz and asking the questions was James Pearson. Keeping the score was Lizzie Ball. They played as a duo some unknown Brahms compositions such as Ornithologie, written in Bad Ischl in the summer of 1898.

Team captains were Liane Carroll and Ian Shaw– are you sort of getting the idea this wasn’t all poe-faced and serious?

Liane Carroll’s team had pianist Tom Cawley (who had played to an enthusiastic full house on Monday night and is a must-see at Canary Wharf this Friday lunchtime) and Ronnie’s staffer Paul Pace. Ian Shaw’s team had Digby Fairweather and Ronnie’s staffer Katherine Ames. possibly her first performance onstage?

The musical and comedic highlight was probably Ian Shaw’s ear-splitting rendition of the Bodyform commercial…

And there was a round of questions about the club. Try your hand at these:

1) Which saxophonist went on playing, oblivious, through a police raid?

2) Whose affair with Princess Margaret started at the club?

3) What was the traditional bonus on the last night for a week’s work?

4) In what year did Miles Davis play at the club?

5) What instrument was Ronnie learning in the last years of his life?

6) Who broke the toilet?

7) Who used the club for practice -with virtually no clothes on?

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