Summer Jazz Bicycle Tour in Holland?!

European Jazz Festivals come in so many shapes and sizes…

There seem to be an awful lot of bicycles in car-free(?) Groningen (above)….This event on Friday August 28th and Saturday 29th sounds completely wacky! …… and, hey, I fancy translating some Dutch anyway.

It’s called the Summer Jazz Bicycle Tour/ Zomerjazzfietstour 2009 (link to English language website) . Claudia Quintet from the US are performing, for example. Admission for the whole thing is 25 Euros until the week before, then 30 Euros. There are several routes and starting points, it looks well – organized….

Click on a band and the website rings a bicycle bell when it has scrolled to it. Sweet.

Een muzikaal fietsavontuur door het prachtige landschap van het Reitdiepdal
A musical bicyce adventure through the beautiful landscape of the Reitdiep valley

met optredens in middeleeuwse kerkjes en boerenschuren.
with performances in nediaeval churches and barns.

Een fietsfestijn met een internationaal gevarieerd programma met actuele jazz en improvisatiemuziek.
A bicycle feast with an internationally varied programme of contemporary jazz and improvised music.

Volgens beproefd concept kan op de 23ste ZomerJazzFietsTour per fiets de nieuwe jazz worden verkend.
By a tried and tested concept, you can check out the new jazz on the 23rd Summer Jazz Bicycle Tour.

I’d love to know if a LondonJazz reader has been ? Or goes and then feels like reporting back about jazz in the saddle afterwards?

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  1. Good job on the translation!

    The only bit of Dutch I remember from my MPhil degree, when I studied the fortification of the port of Flushing pre-WWI, was “een Waffescheid en zakformat” or…. pocket battleship!

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