Frank Griffith’s Pearls of Wisdom

Wise Sayings…….

“Don’t get it right, get it written”

“Two very simple rules-
1. You don’t have to write
2. You can’t do anything else
The rest comes of itself

Raymond Chandler

“Anything can happen. And probably won’t”

Graham Collier

“Around each corner is a new mistake simply too good to miss”

Django Bates

“People are fearful of the unknown. That’s just a fact, historically speaking, when something unknown is presented to people, they either want to rid the world of it or suppress it, stop it at source. When people are confronted with things that are unknown, they have to challenge their intellect. They have to use their framework of reference, and if its shallow, well then they have actually to do some work and do some research, and a lot of people are too lazy…”

Greg Osby

“Inspiration does not visit the lazy- it needs to be invited”

Peter Tchaikowski

“Mean what you say, say what you mean, do what you say you’ll do if ever you have the chance and never attack people personally”

Tony Benn

“The gig is 99% on, with a real high chance of the 1% happening”

Frank Griffith

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