LondonJazz now has 300 followers on Twitter. Big . Deal.

Yeah, yeah, three hundred followers. Is that all?

Quite so.

But if you look at the Twitter pages of London singer Imogen Heap above, or San Francisco cellist Zoe Keating, you will see that both musicians are rapidly reaching 900,000, yes that’s nine hundred thousand -followers.

And , unless I’m mistaken, most of that was achieved before a major record label got in on the act.

This is the new fan-power, this is the willingness of people to become believers, this is the mind-blowing immediacy of new, non hierarchic media.

Do I have a crystal ball? Nope.

Do I have superior understanding of what is going on? You kidding?

Check out marketing sage Colette Weintraub….who may, or who may not, have one or other of the above.

All I know is that things in music are changing fast. And that there are people out there who are frightened to embrace change. And I wonder what they are doing in jazz.

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