"Majesties" at the Spice of Life

I was sorry not to make it to the Majesties gig last night. Abram Wilson, on the evidence of his Twitter feed, has been having fun. Did any readers go?

OH man. The gig was amazing. so so nice. aww man. we played some music tonite. to the whole world! – man, we had some FUN tonite. (5 hours ago)

great rehearsal for the Majesties gig. time to do the gig now! cant wait! 4.37pm, Aug 19th

man, i had to just stop for a minute. . .and sleep. let’s try this again.6:38 AM Aug 19th

IT’s DONE!! I finished all the Majesties Gig Music!! Now all I have to do is. . . .LEARN HOW TO PLAY IT!!!!!8:49 PM Aug 17th

Just sent 6 SONGS to the band for the MAJESTIES GIG! WHEW!!!! Finally! Catching the plane NOW! . . .go OBAMA!!2:33 AM Aug 14th

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