Bullish news from Barnes.

Cheerful noises emerging from Dan Fleming’s lair in the Bull’s Head in Barnes. While the pub trade generally is very tough indeed, Dan tells me that the Yamaha Music Room at the Bull has just had its best audiences in August for 20 years.

The Bull is also limbering up to celebrate fifty years of music in November. And the first onto the boards on 12th November will be Vic Ash, who played in the opening month in November 1959 (SEE REVIEW) . More to follow.

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  1. The Vortex has also had its best August for the 4 years since it opened in Dalston. Staycation? Good programme? Audiences waking up to jazz? City slickers? Who knows…. Let's just celebrate that jazz is alive and well in London. Though whether this has got through to higher powers – if there are any higher than Londonjazz – I doubt.

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