St Cyprians- the candles are going out =>damnation

A couple of years ago Alyn Shipton wrote this about a concert by Acoustic Triangle, at St Cyprian’s:

“The church has become the setting for a series of adventurous jazz concerts ……most of the time, the sheer beauty of its sound seduced us too, shimmering round the ornate Anglo-Catholic interior of St Cyprian’s, as Yoshiki Ban’s ornate candles guttered and flickered”

Yup, the quality of programming at St Cyp’s has been superb. I’m sure some LondonJazz readers will have good memories.

Well, the good memories are all we now going to have left…… because, after promoting for five years at St Cyprians, Basho Music is now forced to look for a new venue (any ideas?)

Why’s that? Because in the middle of a recession someone on the parish council is insisting on a more-than-doubling of the hire fee.

Courtesy of Audio – B I have an Acoustic Triangle CD for the best answer-

What retribution which God should take against the person or people who have just stopped these holy sounds from reverberating round St. Cyp’s .

(Remember, oh ye people, God was an improviser.)

Can we start at eternal damnation please, and work up (or should that be down?) Answers by email.

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