Neverending Story

How are LondonJazz readers reacting to the news story of Neverending Song.?

According to what I’ve been reading it’s a PR agency trying to push the alignment of the Pizza Express brand with jazz. Pizza Express are great, long-standing supporters of the music. But what’s this 7 day 24 hour stuff all about then? Apart from the extremely unappetizing prospect above….

Perhaps a marketing professional can put in his or her tuppence on what is clearly a piping hot issue of the day…..

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  1. First to comment is Ian Latham, via our Facebook feed:

    So you try and come up with a PR stunt that will get jazz national press coverage including a slot on the Today programme? I think they did a good job.

  2. Thanks Ian. With what the clubs are saying about audiences, there clearly IS something very positive going on this autumn, and the timing of the campaign just as the schools go back seems quite smart too.

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