Alam Nathoo: One prize won, and up for another

Trinity College of Music describe the Isabelle Bond Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Performance 2009 as the “pinnacle of the College’s competition calendar”. The competition was held at St John’s, Smith Square on September 16th. And it was won won by jazz saxophonist Alam Nathoo, a postgrad at Trinity, previously at Guildhall, and a member of Tomorrows Warriors Jazz Orchestra. He has Tanzanian roots. Hongera!

Here’s the interesting bit:

-none of the jurors was a jazz specialist
-both Simon Purcell (Head of jazz at Trinity) and the college’s press officer whom I spoke to were convinced this is the first time this top prize has gone to a jazz musician.
-Simon Purcell told me “He’s a very fine saxophone player, what more can I say. And he won this prize against other artists of international reputation.”

He’ll be at Ronnie’s next Sunday for the Worshipful Company’s prize. I’m looking forward to hearing him. Here’s his MYSPACE, with a few sound clips.

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