Keith Jarrett interviews

All you’ll ever need to know about Keith Jarrett, marriage break-up and non-dairy cream from Jarrett’s interview with John Bungey of The Times .

But also the positive effects of an emotional crisis :

“[…] I find myself thrown into my work in a new way due to the personal things that have happened … The emotional crisis set up some new connections in the music. Sometimes when emotions are on the surface you suddenly discover a palette that you were not using and need to get out into the air[….. ]Almost everything I did since about a year ago has been of a higher level in terms of something new than I expected.”

UPDATE: Required reading for musicians. Courtesy of the ever-sharp eyes of Peter Hum from Ottawa, here’s Ethan Iverson’s interview with Keith Jarrett

UPDATE 2: here’s Kevin Le Gendre ‘s interview from the Independent of Nov 26th. Is Oxford , NJ really that nice?.

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