What’s your favourite London venue?

A few months ago I asked avid jazz fan Patrick Hadfield a very simple question. What, I enquired, is his favourite London venue? His answer, it turns out, is a UK travelogue.

Patrick remembers the old Jazz Cafe in Newington Green…. thinks about the current one in Camden…heads on up to Henry’s Jazz Cellar in Edinburgh…and onwards and upwards to Islay (where he took the picture above) once round the Round Church at Bowmore on Islay, taking in the bottling plant at Bunnahabhain…and ends up…at a venue which is really not very far at all from where he started.

If you’re curious to know where he ends up, let Patrick tell you in his own words.

Anyone else got an answer they want to share???

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  1. Yes it has to be The Vortex, either the old one in Stoke Newington, or the current one in Dalston. I loved the old one, but I notice that the new one attracts a more wide ranging set of people with a markedly younger feel, so I think I do prefer the new one. I totally agree about the old Jazz Cafe on Newington Green and I remember great all-day events in the actual square with a different band every 15 mins. Nationwide I have to say that a full or fullish CBSO Centre in Birmingham takes a lot of beating!

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