Jamie Cullum 2010 and 2001

Take a look at the Cheltenham Festivals Website. where the news is that Jamie Cullum (left) is to be Guest Director of the Jazz Festival for 2010.

Take a look at the Smash Digital website for three previously unreleased and downloadable tracks from 2001.
UPDATE : Peter Hum from Ottawa, top blogger, and a regular LondonJazz reader… has interesting thoughts on the guest curator idea – Ornette Coleman and Brad Mehldau too – in this blog piece, with a link to a New York times think-piece on how the word “curate” is rapidly changing its meaning.

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  1. As someone who tends to pop along to a few gigs at the Cheltenham festival, I must say this sounds like a terrible idea. Whilst I can't claim familiarity with the entirety of Master Cullum's oeuvre, I've heard enough to be thoroughly depressed at the idea of having his idea of 'jazz' thrust upon me. I shall await the festival programme with trepidation, hoping the 'Guest Director' position is more honorific than functional.

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