Review: Lilian Boutte

Review: Lillian Boutte,
(606 Club, October 12th 2009, by our Mystery Shopper from Chelsea)

Lillian Boutte is probably known to most of you – a New Orleans native who has been touring the world singing and acting for quite a while now.

Her sets at the 606 on Monday night were raptourously received and the eclectic mix of numbers from a great rendition of Bessie’s Safety First, through standards such as Embraceable You, also including a amazingly jazzed up version of Tennessee Waltz.

She covers a lot of ground musically and her accompanying musicians are more than ably led by that terrific guitarist Denny Ilett.

Lillian reminded us about the hurricane Katrina and the theatre piece that is touring to raise money for its victims. She has also been featured in a documentary The Sound After the Storm,which has just won first prize for Best Documentary Film at the Zurich International Film Festival. (HERE’s a Link to a report from JazzAscona )

Her feisty and loveable personality comes across all the time. And her appeal to the audience to continue to support jazz in all its forms by coming out to clubs as well as buying the CD’s met with a more than appreciative response.

Lillian will be back at the 606 at the end of November – a definite date for my (Mulberry) diary.

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