A bit of politics next week?

Next week sees a step-up in activity around the restrictions placed on live music by the 2003 Licensing Act and the Metropolitan Police’s Form 696.

Monday October 19th:

7.30pm Inside Out on BBC1 London “Matthew Wright investigates the urban music that police say is too dangerous to perform.” LINK HERE

Thursday October 22nd:

12 noon, Outside Houses of Parliament. Demonstration organized by Equity

Afternoon: John Whittingdale of the Culture Select Committee follows up his committee’s report from May which recommended a freeing-up of the act for small venues with a debate.
The DCMS, who designed the 2003 Licensing Act, probably hoped they’d heard managed to silence the protest until after the election, as I wrote in a grump in July.

Well, they haven’t!
Further Reading: Phil Little’s Live Music Forum site, activist Hamish Birchall, and @Shambles151 on Twitter are the people with their fingers on the pulse of this one.

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