Remembering Pat Crumly (1942-2008)

A few musicians have been on to me about this one. “He was such a lovely guy,” said one.
Steve Rubie is hosting a memorial gig next Tuesday for a good friend of the 606 club, Pat Crumly, one of Ronnie Scott’s favourite sax players (photo above at Boaters in Kingston by John Naylor).

A bursary for a secondary school-aged soloist will be launched, in partnership with Yamaha who are sponsoring the evening. It will be called “The Pat Crumly Bursary for Young Jazz Musicians”.

Already announced on the bill are tenor saxophonist Mornington Lockett, pianists John Critchinson and Nick Weldon, plus that most musical and fiery of singers Jacqui Hicks, plus Tim Wells on bass and Mark Fletcher on drums.
There’s enough energy there already to put Duracell out of business. But I also get the feeling it will be oneof those “Holy-shit-look-who’s-just-walked in -the-door” evenings….

Here’s another super photo of Pat Crumly by Dominique Brewster. And here’s Peter Vacher’s Guardian obituary.

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