"The trumpet is the ultimate ex-wife" Chris Botti


Frank Griffith is keen to get out and hear his fellow Oregonian (thank you AH) Chris Botti and writes

“Chris Botti, the Oregon-born, Amercian trumpeter will be appearing at Cadogan Hall on Tuesday November 3rd. In addition to stints in NYC and LA as a session trumpeter he also toured with Buddy Rich and Frank Sinatra for whom he shares a a mutual love of song and this comes through clearly in his lyrical playing.

His fine band includes the likes of drummer, Billy Kilson, pianist, Billy Childs, and ex- Jack MacDuff guitarist, Mark Whitfield.

In the video interview for Newsweek, Chris compares maintaining his chops on the trumpet to keeping an ex-wife happy. I’m not exactly clear on how that works, but perhaps attending the concert will shed more light on this.”

Or can any other LondonJazz reader unravel this mystery?

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  1. Okay, as a horn player I think I can explain. You have to work the horn every day or you will lose some of your proficiency. Seriously. I play the guitar occasionally (about once a week) and the piano even more infrequently, and can still play passably well enough to perform publicly on the songs that I know. If i miss one day on the horn, it takes three to get beck to where I was.

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