LJF 2009 Previews linkpage

(1) Kit Downes on Aaron Parks
(2) Rob Mallows on Marcus Miller and Power of Three
(3) Frank Griffith on Mike Gibbs
(4) Tom Cawley on Vijay Iyer
(5)Chris Biscoe on Sonny Rollins
(6)Patrick Hadfield’s picks
(7) Art Kavanagh on Stefano Bollani
(8) Amit Chaudhuri
(9) Froy Aagre

Richard Godwin in the Evening Standard
Guardian Preview
Ivan Hewett’s chices (Telegraph)
Mike Hobart on Bill Frisell (FT)
Will Hodgkinson on Stefano Bollani and sex (Guardian)

Mayor of London backs the Festival (Press Release)

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