If you run out of reading matter here….

Interesting stuff cropping up in different places……

1) Peter Bacon has a lively comment board going following his piece about free (as in unpaid-for) jazz on his JAZZ BREAKFAST blog. Eloquence from, among others , Mark Holub.

2) BBC Music Magazine has an interview with Nathaniel Facey on its website. Deals with the Dolphy Out ‘n’ In project, band changes…. I was curious that the interviewer needed to ask whether the players had sought out written transcriptions of Dolphy….The transcription and absorption by ear which jazz musicians do as a matter of course must seem like alchemy or witchcraft to some people. HERE IT IS

3) A very thoughtful post by Alex Wilson about the British Council on MY TELEGRAPH BLOG

(Photo: Christopher Chan/State Library of New South Wales, known as the Mitchell Library)

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