Ascot in Winter

The words “Ascot” and “winter” remind me, unavoidably of one of these. Those useless water heaters, more often on the blink than working. Brrrrr.

(Does anyone else remember these horrors?)

But that’s, obviously, not the point. I’m thinking of the Sunday lunch jazz at Jagz in Ascot, right by the station. I feel warmer already. Under the watchful eye of talkative Jagz founder John Gripton, I notice some VERY nice programming for two Sundays, featuring two great singers and dream rhythm sections. It’s £16 all in including a very good traditional lunch. Take the rellies. Walk the meal off in Windsor Great Park….

Enter two of the most musical singers working in jazz, and instantly likeable people:

On Dec 13th it’s Trudy Kerr, with Tom Cawley, Geoff Gascoyne and Clark Tracey.

On Dec 20th it’s Jacqui Hicks with John Critchinson, Dave Green and Dave Barry.

Sharing the front line duties for both is that consummately professional trumpeter (that joke wore thin years ago, sorry) Martin Shaw

Take your pick. Trudy’s from Brisbane, Jacqui’s from South Yorkshire. I can’t decide, go to both!

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