In the US jazz is a "national treasure"

The following resolution was passed unanimously yesterday in the US House of Representatives:

House Resolution 894 would resolve that the House of Representatives:

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• “Honors the 50th anniversary of “Kind of Blue” and recognizes the unique contribution the album has made to American jazz;
• “Directs the Clerk of the House of Representatives to transmit enrolled copies of this resolution to Columbia Records;
• “Encourages the United States Government to take all appropriate steps to preserve and advance the art form of jazz music;
• “Recommits itself to ensuring that musical artists such as Miles Davis and his Sextet receive fair protection under the copyright laws of the United States for their contributions to culture in the United States; and
• “Reaffirms the status of jazz as a national treasure.”

Here’s the original source

Votes for: 409 Votes against: 0

Maybe John Prescott, Michael Connarty, Tony Colwyn and Ken Clarke could do something similar for Ronnie Scott’s.

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