What did you miss? LondonJazz’s ten most-read pieces of the year

If lists of absolutely everything still haven’t removed your will to live, or to read lists……

…here’s a chronological list of the pieces you may have missed.
The ten most-read pieces from our first eleven months at LondonJazz.

-People have been steadily coming back to check out a profile of Hungarian singer Julianna Fabian (above) from February whom I also reviewed.

– Back in April 1st, an April Fool about Derek Nash picked up a big readership.

-May’s feature on open mic nights seems to have been useful to a lot of people

-June saw Ornette Coleman’s meltdown: the review here of Charlie Haden and the Bad Plus keeps getting visited.

-In July it was my hasty review of Keith Jarrett ‘s Standards Trio

-In August it was pianist Tom Cawley’s personal selection of Canary Wharf Jazz Festival gigs

-September’s most-read was my riposte to a crass remark about Radiohead turning itself into a jazz outfit (a rock journalist’s shorthand for alienating the audience)

-Then in October there was the moment when the wheels on the bus of Diana Krall and her kids stopped at the Albert Hall and we reviewed

-In November there was my review of Sonny Rollins

-And finally, also from November, check out the many tributes to, and memories of the much-missed Jeff Clyne

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