What sells on iTunes worldwide

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The lists are vocally and Gardot-Jones-Krall dominated, you’d expect that. And if nothing gets to the scale of Robbie Williams Swing when You’re Winning album in the UK… could it be worse? Better?

But I am heartened to see Carla Bley’s splendid album which has got me in such a good mood doing so well in the US.

Hat-tip for spotting this one to the ever-watchful eyes of Peter Hum of jazzblog.ca

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  1. The UK chart is topped by… Robbie Williams! It does contain Nat King Cole, but in vocal rather than piano form.

    I guess it depends what one calls “jazz”!

  2. It says a lot (or perhaps a little?) for the perception of UK jazz by the public. It looks to me as though the UK list is the one most dominated by major labels and by the least interesting music. Most other countries have at least one dynamic younger, or creative, artist (e.g. Carla Bley, Five Corners). You can see how dynamic the scene is over here from Peter Bacon's list. But why hasn't it permeated through to the public?

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