My namesake’s Desert Island Discs

Baron Coe KBE , Chairman of the London Organizing Commitee for the Olympic Games, and I, have more than the one (obvious) thing thing in common :-

We are both, evidently, afflicted with the same curious four-syllable christian name Sebastian, the name of the patron saint of archery targets, a name which ever so conveniently flat-packs into the one syllable Seb, ending in that particularly indelicate voiced bilabial plosive.

But if my namesake’s enthusiasm for jazz is less well-known, take note that in this weekend’s Desert Island Discs five out of eight of his choices jazz or songbook

Dave Brubeck — The History of a Boy Scout
George Melly — There’ll Be Some Changes Made
Frank Sinatra — Deep in a Dream
Lester Young — Lady Be Good
Louis Armstrong — West End Blues

Here’s the Radio 4 website page with the full list. (Thanks FG.)

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