Michelle Obama on jazz

This is a heartening story for a winter’s day from back in June.A few quotes from First Lady Michelle Obama. Hands up, yes I didn’t pay it much attention when it came out.

There was a public jazz workshop in the White House in the summer, featuring Wynton and Branford Marsalis and Paquito D’Rivera.

“Jazz may be America’s greatest gift to the world.”

“My grandfather put speakers in every room of his house, turned up the stereo and listened to music all day long. At Christmas, birthdays, Easter, it didn’t matter, there was jazz playing in our household.”

“There’s probably no better example of democracy than a jazz ensemble – individual freedom, but with responsibility to the group,”

Here are the original stories from the Washington Post and the New York Times (also photo credit Stephen Crowley.)

Sarah Brown should get on with it, and book Eddie Harvey, Richard Michael, Pete Churchill and Gary Crosby.

Before Samantha Cameron does.

(British cultural commentators please take note.)

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