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The 2003 Licensing Act is just great. For people, like those above, who only ever make music from the backs of moving lorries. Which are specifically exempt under the Act. For other musicians it’s a pain in the neck.

So three cheers for Liberal culture spokespeople Tim Clement-Jones in the Lords and Don Foster in the commons who are trying to steer a very sensible bill freeing up the rules for small venues through. The bill should, fingers crossed, get a second reading in the House of Commons on March 12th.

And half a boo for the inexplicable antics of Liberal councillor Chris White from St Albans who seems at odds with his own party’s policy on this issue.

Want to read more? Here’s the full piece written for my Telegraph blog

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  1. Only half a boo?

    You seem to overlook the deal I negotiated with the Government to liberalise music licensing without going way over the top and hacking off local residents. The approach taken by the Local Government Association is supported by all four of its political groups and as far as I know all Lib Dem council leaders.

    Suggest we have a pint in one of my locals – the Horn Reborn, Live Music Pub of the Year in St Albans. You know where to find me (yes – and this is a serious offer).

    Chris White

  2. It's a kind invitation, and should I find myself in St Albans, I will of course take you up.

    Yup, the Licensing Act works for pubs. Bravo. But I could perhaps invite you to my favourite

    -carol singing group
    -coffee bar
    -public space

    where the Licensing Act is not – even after the minor variations- either a coherent or a fit-for-purpose piece of legislation. And where an exemption is needed for the law to stop being considered by us ordinary citizens to be anything less than a complete ass.

    Choose, Chris, please. Be my guest.

  3. Perhaps Chris White might like to look a bit more widely in St Albans, perhaps to the Farmer's Boy which is much more restricted. Perhaps he might like to visit the Rose and Crown in St Michael's Street on St Michael's Street night when the street and its four pubs will be packed with music and dancing but the acoustic musicians in the Rose and Crown have to play in intolerable heat as the pub has to have its windows shut when live music is played, irrespective of volume. So I would support the Bill rather than the LGA.

    We have a lot of live music in St Albans, but we would have even more without the ridiculous conditions of the Licensing Act 2003

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