Preview: Trio VD

Preview: having listened to Trio VD’s CD Fill It Up With Ghosts (Babel) Peter Horsfall is looking forward to their Friday 26th February gig at the Vortex.

Trio VD’s Fill It Up With Ghosts is one the past year’s most terrifyingly original releases. Throughout this, their debut album, Chris Bussey (drums), Chris Sharkey (guitars) and Christophe de Bezenac (alto sax/electronics) construct intricate grooves and deliver them with unrelenting aggression.

The other-worldly sounds which both de Bezenac and Sharkey manage to generate put them both at the forefront of innovation on their respective instruments. The track Kesh sees the saxophonist attacking the instrument with a powerful rasping tone as Sharkey’s manic multi-tasking reaches a frightening intensity.

Bussey manages to negotiate the complicated rhythmic passages of the opener Returns with an immense flare and is impeccably tight with Sharkey. The most exciting moments come when the trio plays with such energy that the compositions are pushed to the brink of self-destruction, the final track Cowdun coming closest.

Their show at the Vortex tomorrow (Friday 26th February) promises to be a golden opportunity to be blown away by one of Britain’s most promising bands.

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