Jazz FM launches new record label

Radio station Jazz FM is launching an in-house record label. Its first release, CDAJFM1, will be issued on March 15th. It is the first solo album “Living in the Moment” by Prince Sampson.

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Prince Sampson, 49, London-born, moved to Guyana at the age of 8, returned at the start of the 198s. He is known mainly as a session guitarist, one of the guys who, according to the editor of guitarist “lay down the tracks, do the tours, and stoically get it right night after night.” Sampson has worked and toured and recorded with the Pasadenas, Alexander O’Neal, Joss Stone and a host of others.

It’s a very professionally produced laid-back CD with great sound, which will appeal to fans of George Benson. The songs with lyrics have a message, which is that music can be a good antidote to the stresses and the pace of modern life. He singsaboutthis in an appealing Donny Hathaway-ish voice, but I found the lyrics slightly on the cheesy side.

I did find that I enjoyed some very classy and well-recorded guitar playing on the instrumentals, particularly some fast picking in the intro and a nice reggae backbeat on “Part Finder.”

Sampson picks superb bassists: Orlando Le Fleming and Andy Hamill were known to me, but I shall definitely look out again for the name of Julian Crampton.

There are a few curious unresolved mysteries: one track starts with the unexpected sound of a record needle landing on an LP. There are mysterious album credits for both saxophonist Steve Williamson and the graffiti artist Banksy. One expects the latter to be everywhere, but elusive. But Williamson isn’t credited on any of the tracks.

An interview with Sampson is HERE .

His website is http://www.princesampson.com

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  1. Jazz FM Records have now released 'Living In The Moment', the debut album from the Ivor Novello-nominated guitarist Prince Sampson, on CD. Sampson has been an integral part of the international music scene for over 25 years, playing with The Pasadenas for six years before working with artists including Alexander O'Neal, Eternal, Joss Stone and Des'ree. So what's his debut platter like? Well, the opening track 'Let The Sunshine Through' will put you in an upbeat mood with it's melodic vocals, smooth guitar and propulsive beat, driving proceedings along, a nice start.Title track 'Living In The Moment' carries on the positive vibe, tightly honed ,close harmonies and evocative alto sax sprinkle sweetly over this reggaefied skank and Prince's guitar hits the pocket deep, thoughtful, musical and totally expressive. 'The Corner Turns In To An Edge' goes into poetry mode, self talk to overcome adversity and promote self-improvement, a nice sentiment with a jazzy soundscape I could imagine Serena Williams listening to this before a match, right up her street!!'Be Will Be', features Joe Cang a London born singer, writer and multi-instrumentalist and boy he sounds sweet on this slice of exquisite soul pop, (a natural single to me) and the bluesy harmonic gives it some juice! 'Part Finder' a cheery potboiler if ever there was one let's Prince do his thing on both electric and acoustic a breezy, reggae jam, perfect for this supposed BBQ weather we've been promised! The revitalised Noel McCoy (flush with excellent feedback on his recent album) adds his golden soulful tones to this sweet rhythmic 12/8 ditty and a peach of a tune it is!Prince Sampson for so long has been happy to be in the background for so many stars but now his is about to shine. This will warm the cockles of anybody's heart. Cheery and bright with a galaxy of top notch musicians to boot, this debut album crackles with positivity, passion and above all enthusiasm. A beautiful symphony of life!

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