rhythmoflondon @london.gov.uk

Remember that email address if you care about music education in London.

It’s where the Mayor of London’s office is inviting comments on

Making music matter
Music Education Strategy for London 2010-2012

Folow the link to download the report. Here’s a first comment.

Check out the composition of the board.

It has such an absurd imbalance towards classical music that if it tried to be a table it would fall over.

Here you go: rhythmoflondon@london.gov.uk

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  1. The following rapid-fire conversation got going on Twitter (anyone need an explanation?

    amissingham @LondonJazz @johnlw hilarious that project's called “rhythm of London”.
    Have you seen classical musicians dance or play without a conductor?

    susannaeastburn @amissingham @LondonJazz @johnlw oi you lot, behave!

    JohnLW I suggest Paul Clarvis and Andy Gangadeen @susannaeastburn @amissingham @LondonJazz #rhythmofLondon

  2. Was there a shortlist for the Board?

    If so, who was responsible for drawing up the shortlist?

    If not, who chose the Board?

    What were the criteria for the Board's nomination and selection?

    Who nominated the selectors?

    What were the criteria for the nomination and selection of the selectors?


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