F-IRE Festival of new talent . May 22-29

Some fascinating programming from the F-Ire Collective coming up at the end of May.

At the Pizza Express in Dean Street on Saturday 22nd are three sessions

7pm Kit Downes (solo piano) and Partisans
10pm Partisans and Kairos 4tet
midnight-3am open jam session

This gig marks the entry of Kit Downes as a new member of the F-Ire collective. He explains some of the reasons behind this on a very interesting blog post.

The remainder of the events are at the new Pizza Express Music venue, the Pheasantry in Kings Road. Talking Sages is influenced by Steve Coleman’s M-Base and involves compositions using the speech-rhythms of freestyle rap MC’s, working live with improvising jazz musicians.

Sunday 23rd
Sam Crowe Group (Album Launch)/ Talking Sages

Monday 24th
George Fogel + friends’ ‘Keyboard Symposium’

Tuesday 25th
Fred Thomas + Jiri Slavic / Tassos Spiliotopoulos Trio (Album Launch)

Wednesday 26th
Fred Thomas + Jiri Slavic / Round Trip

Thursday 27th
Jonathan Bratoeff Quartet (Album Launch)/Porpoise Corpus

Friday 28th
Will Collier Septet / John Turville Trio

Saturday 29th Portrait Bellevue / Shadow Writing

During the week there will also three CD launch parties:

Jonathan Brateff Quartet ‘Mindscapes’
Tassos Spiliotopoulos ‘Archipelagos’
Sam Crowe ‘Synaesthesia’

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