Preview: Chris Garrick/ John Etheridge

Jane Stringfellow is looking forward to the launch of Chris Garrick and John Etheridge’s new CD Men on Wire (Flying Blue Whale Records) at Pizza on the Park on Wednesday April 7th

Men on Wire, the title of Chris Garrick and John Etheridge ’s new album, was inspired by the high-wire walker Philippe Petit, who danced on a wire between New York’s Twin Towers.

The daring of the title is evident in the music. Two men improvising on wire strings to create a sound that is both, spare and visceral, reflective and lyrical. This is a well-produced album – when I listened I felt as if they were in the room.

Chris Garrick is a leading jazz violinist. John Etheridge is a jazz guitarist who defies categorisation, having played with so many from Grappelli to Soft Machine. They have produced many excellent albums together and yet still manage to surprise.

The set on this album ranges from classic jazz standards: Blue Moon, Let’s Fall in Love to pop tunes, Peter Gabriel’s Mercy Street and Burt Bacherach’s Alfie. They bring something new to each tune. There are a couple of Garrick’s own compositions, including Undecided– an exciting combination of John’s urgent improvisation and Garrick’s warmest sounds. A joyful version of Adbulllah Ibrahims’s Msunduza is underpinned by Garrick’s pizzicato and Etheridge’s evident affinity for African rhythm. Garrick’s range is particularly well expressed on the poignant theme tune from Clint Eastwood’s 2008 film Gran Torino.

Men on Wire features two musicians who clearly enjoy both their collaborations and the opportunity to push boundaries. They play Pizza On the Park on April 7th .

Expect, above all, the unexpected.

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  1. Having had the good fortune to have played many times with Mr John Etheridge I wish I could have made this gig – the energy rush, the good vibes on stage and off, the virtuosity, the willingness to try some thing new at an age (over 21) when many are grumpy old traditionalists. As he loves gigging you'll be able to catch him live somewhere soon, or indeed, check this CD out.

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