RIP Mike Zwerin

Very sad to hear the announcement from one of his last employers, Bloomberg, of the death of musician (trombonist) and one of the greatest jazz writers, the Paris-based Mike Zwerin.

Condolences to the family. Zwerin’s books “Close Enough for Jazz” and “The Parisian Jazz Chronicles” are on the way to becoming classics. And many of the regular columns from the International Herald Tribune (1979-2005) and Bloomberg and a biography are to be found at http://www.mikezwerin.com

This is a very sad loss. Zwerin read and was a great source of encouragement in the early stages of setting up LondonJazz. RIP

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  1. This is very sad – Zwerin was one of the funniest and most perceptive writers on jazz, always with a light touch but with a real understanding of the jazz world (and also, which made it more interesting, of the 'straight' world too). Well worth reading his books 'Cose Enough for Jazz' and 'Parisian Jazz Chronicles'. And he was in the original Birth of the Cool band – the one that made the broadcasts, but unfortunately for Zwerin's place in jazz history, not the records …

    Alex Webb

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