Photo an historic first in the history of Oxford

Here’s a picture which it is a real privilege to publish. Yeah, it records a piece of history. It’s a statement that the adventure of jazz can find its way to those hidden places, can be the first to “give resounding grace to all Heav’ns Harmonies.” (Milton/Comus)

It’s a photo of the first EVER public concert to have taken place in the magnificent, seventeenth century, fan-vaulted Convocation House of the Bodleian Library in Oxford.

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The players for this sold-out event were Adam Waldmann’s Kairos 4tet. It was given as part of the Oxford Jazz Festival.

In fact I like this picture so much I’ve published it twice. It can also be found where it ought to be: above Alyn Shipton’s fine review of the gig.

(Photo Credit: Harley Evans of Barker Evans Photography )

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