Sony Radio Awards

There were awards on Monday night at the Sony Radio Academy for Jools Holland ‘s Radio 2 programme.

There was also a bronze award for live event for the London Jazz Festival.

The award went to the organizers of the festival, the independent producers -Unique, Somethin’ Else to BBC Regions, Wales, and Scotland, and to Radio 3.
The award citation said:

“A real feast for the ears. From intimate club setting to vast concert hall, BBC Radio 3 managed to capture great performances, great anecdotes and the wonderful atmosphere of enthusiastic audiences surrounding it all. This was a treat for amateur and aficionado alike.”

Jazz FM’s Saturday night show presented by Mike Chadwick, ‘Southern Comfort Big Easy’ show took the Silver Award for Best Use of Branded Content. (Above are Mike Vitti and Christian Bragg of Jazz FM reciving the award.

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  1. Another winner who slips in quite a bit of jazz is Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on Sunday nights (with now the Freakier Zone on Fridays). Hidden amongst the Cornelius Cardews and Joanna Newsoms, you'll get to hear something like Polar Bear, Tubby Hayes or William Parker. It also only goes to show that there is more jazz around on the airwaves than just our late night Sunday and Monday slots on Radio 3.

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