Two Saturday Guitarists: Amit Chatterjee and Antonio Forcione

Two events featuring guitarists this Saturday

As part of the London Guitar Festival, there’s a rare solo appearance by Joe Zawinul Syndicate stalwart Amit Chatterjee at the Purcell Room. I’m told he’ll also be popping in to teach at the ICMP in Kilburn.

Reports on that one definitely welcome.

And Rod Fogg writes:

A guitar related jazz treat is on offer at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith from the Antonio Forcione Quartet. (Saturday 15th May, 8.00pm). Antonio’s solo gigs are top-notch not only for his mind-boggling multi-dextrous “two hands on the neck while playing a tabla rhythm on the body and a melody at the same time” guitar style, but also for his sense of humour. Expect added groove and exoticism when you add Nigerian Cellist Jenni Adejayan, Brazilian hand-percussionist Adriano Adewale and effervescent British bassist Johnny Gee to the mix.

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