The Puresolo Competition

Strictly virtual. The results of an online competition, organized by backing track download site PureSolo.com , in association with Jazz FM have been announced.

Dennis Rollins and Snake Davis set up the backing tracks. The judges were Snake Davis, Denis Rollins, Gary King of Jazz FM and myself. Ten versions of Lover Man later, the four of us emerged, bleary-eyed, into the light of a cold grey dawn etc…..(no we didn’t, actually. All the judging was done online too)

Lifting a virtual cyberglass to the winners (hic), here we go:

The winning instrumentalists were Dan Johnson and Robbie Harvey. The winning vocalists were Esta Benjamin-Daley and Claire Phoenix. Puresolo have announced the full results HERE on their website.

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  1. Hi Sebastian. I'm just writing to let your readers know that a new PureSolo Jazz competition with Steve Waterman launched last week. Anyone who would like to win a mentoring session and a place on stage alongside the man himself can read all the details at http://www.puresolo.com/competitions.
    Cheers! Steff @ PureSolo

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