Pizza on the Park reprieved till end of September

UPDATE 2nd JUNE. This was a false hope. It will shut on June 18th

Pizza on the Park has just been given a temporary reprieve as an entertainment venue. It will be putting on shows until the end of September. We covered the issue in detail HERE

The Facebook group protesting agains the closure, which we instigated, is HERE

COMMENT: Hold on to your hats.There may be reason for gratitude, but there is no reason for celebration.

The Decision by Westminster Council’s planning committee is dated November 22nd 2007, and is conditional on the work having been COMMENCED within three years of the date of the consent, ie 22nd November 2010. And to the further condition that once commenced the permitted works should be completed.

The landlord has put significant investment into getting the planning permission granted, and will not be letting the November date pass without having started the works.

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