Preview: London Horns

Fran Hardcastle previews London Horns, on at the Spice of Life on Thursday May 27th

If name-dropping for musicians’ bios ever becomes an Olympic sport, then expect the three man front-line of London Horns Graeme Blevins (sax), Graeme Flowers (trumpet) and Barnaby Dickinson (trombone) to hold their own medals ceremony: the roll-call of who they’ve worked with includes Quincy Jones, Guy Barker, Kyle Eastwood and Phil Collins, and – who should be so lucky? -they are recently back from a two year world tour with the pint-size pop princess herself, Kylie Minogue.

These stadium tours have furnished them with the habits of working well together, and they produce a slick, tight and powerful combined sound. In addition to this, all three are extremely accomplished jazz improvisers.

The band is completed by that darned good guitarist and prolific and witty Twitterer Mike Outram, with Andy Fisenden on drums and Dishan Abrahams on bass.

Their original charts draw on their various influences: soul, funk and pop fusion. The music is groove heavy, overlaid with aggressive horn arrangements, showcasing the section’s distinctive sound. Expect some high energy solos from any one of the six players in the band.

There is bound to be a strong female presence in the audience, it being a well known fact that the musicians in this band are as easy on the eyes as they are on the ears.

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