Gigs stopping and starting

Stopping: The Con Cellar Bar

After nearly four years of promoting, Richard Turner has decided to call it a day. Monday June 28th will be the last gig he promotes at the Con Cellar Bar in Camden Town. The list of people who have squeezed down those narrow stairs and played to punters who, if they got any closer would have been inthe band, includes Fly (Mark Turner, Jeff Ballard, Larry Grenadier), Donny McCaslan, Ingrid Jensen, Will Vinson, Matt Penman, Joel Frahm, Julian Siegel, Phil Robson, Gwilym Simcock, Kit Downes, The Calum Gourlay- Freddy Gavita Big Band, Matt Penman….

I hope some readers will go to hear Richard’s band Round Trip on June 21st, add a comment, or a thank you for some great music.

Starting: Nomad Jazz at the Map Cafe

Damon Brown and Leon Greening are putting on a Wednesday gig at the Map Cafe, 46 Grafton Road, NW5. It kicks of with the great Peter King this Wednesday June 2nd. WEBSITE HERE

Starting: Trio Manouche at Wilton’s

Guitarist Simon Harris ‘s Gypsy Jazz group Trio Manouche will start a Monday residency at one of the most atmospheric haunts in the East End on June 7th, Wilton’s Music Hall. Admission is free. Special guest on the first night – celebrating Simon’s birthday – will be Quentin Collins, and two members of the vocal group Mediaeval Baebes, Bev Lee Harling and Esther Dee.

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  1. This comes as a very sad surprise. Some of my very favorite musical memories in London were of my performances with Michael Janisch's band that Richard promoted. I loved playing there, and wish it could survive.

    Joel Frahm

  2. Thank you for the comment, Joel.

    The first thing I'd like to do is to encourage a few readers to go and track down Joel Frahm's album “Don't Explain” recorded in duo with a mate from teenage years…. Brad Mehldau.

    Every home should definitely have one of those.

    And the best description of why it's such a fabulous piece of work is from Brad Mehldau here.


    On the Con Cellar Bar, I spoke to Richard about it. He is a musician who has got involved in the hard graft of promoting, and now wants to put other plans into motion.

    It was exactly the same conversation I remember having with Will Gresford when he stepped down at the Vortex. Will had got it going, had done it for nearly four years, had achieved something remarkable.

    And after four years he was understandably exhausted.

    Promoting jazz is bloody hard work. I appreciate and value that work. I guess many of the readers of this site value it too.

    There would be nothing to stop another promoter who wants to start up a discussion with the Constitution Arms. Here's the opportunity. Yes, walk up to the plate. And more power to you.

  3. This is Sam Leak's message from Facebook

    Aquarium play at the Con Cellar Bar this Monday May 31st!


    Sam Leak: Piano
    James Allsopp: Tenor Saxophone
    Calum Gourlay: Double Bass
    Josh Blackmore: Drums

    This will be the last gig we will play at Camdens 'Jazz at the Con Cellar Bar' as sadly after 4 years of amazing Jazz the night will be stopping come the end of June (Many thanks to Richard Turner for working so hard to keep it going for so long!). This has long been one of my favourite venues and it will be a real shame for Jazz in London that it will be stopping – as such it would be fantastic if you could come down to support us on the last time we will be playing at the Con!

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