Singers Night 14th Anniversary

Pianist-singer Estelle Kokot (above- Photo credit: Richard Kaby), who founded Singers Night in 1996 congratulates the longest-running event of its kind on its 14th birthday celebration, next Tuesday 8th June

In the mid 1990’s I felt there was a need to create a Singers Night event to encourage amateur and semi – professional vocalists to express themselves through the medium of song, accompanied by professional instrumentalists.

Some of London’s finest musicians have done the gig – from Steve Lodder and Chris Rodel to Simon Wallace and Joe Stilgoe, and many others besides..

It seemed like a fun way of communing socially, though I suspect that we exchanged more songs than recipes.

We started at The Pizza Express in Earls Court in 1996. Before long singers were having to queue up to participate. In 1998 we moved to The Tatty Bogle Club in Soho. In 1999 I passed the reins to Chris Legee who had been a wonderful and tireless helper to me with all things admin.

Before long Chris introduced the Singers Night Showcase events, and she has kept the ball rolling ever since!

I wish Chris Legee, all the singers and instrumentalists and her fabulous team continued success socialising and sharing via the medium of song.

48 Stanhope Street, London NW1,
Reservations 020 7388 2283 £8
Singing List taken from 6:30, music from 7:45pm.
Full details from the Singers Night website
Instrumentalists on 8th June- Joe Stilgoe (keyboard/ Sam Lasserson (bass).

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  1. The singers' night has spawned several offshoots. At the Vortex, Romy Summers and Bob Stuckey run a monthly night on the first Sunday of the month. And it has been getting busier and busier. Meanwhile, in hosting the Angela Carrington Awards every year, it is amazing to hear the overall quality, enthusiasm and supportiveness of the singers for each other.
    Last but not least, spare a thought for the hard-working musicians. Sightreading 20-30 arrangements of songs in a night is no easy thing!!

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