Europe’s largest ever jazz research project, “Jazz Cultures and European Identities” which will continue for three years, and with a budget of EUR 1m, is having its second meeting.

The team of researchers from five countries led by Tony Whyton of the University of Salford had their launch at Stavanger in May, and is currently having three days in Vienna.

The jazz resarch group has its own website , ( rhythmchanges.net )

The partner institutions are Universities of Amsterdam, Birmingham City, Copenhagen, Music and Performing Arts Graz, Lancaster, and Stavanger.

HERA is funding Europe-wide research projects in the areas of

Canon, History and Ideology

Identity, Hybridization and Communities in Flux

Nation, Identification and Inheritance

Cultural dynamics and social transformations.

A list of HERA-funded projects is HERE . These will be findings to watch with interest. I hope they spend some time talking to and listening to one man who completely encapsulates the ideals of borderlessness, both for my brain and for my ears (I am sure there are others) : the wonderful Tcha Limberger.

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