RIP Alan Plater

Very sad to learn today of the death from cancer of dramatist and huge jazz enthusiast Alan Plater. Plater’s recollections about the music he lived through were published, with hilarious cartoons … another of that special breed, a British writer/ cartoonist devoted to jazz…- in “Doggin’ Around by Northway Books. See Ann Cotterrell’s tribute to Alan Plater.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Alan Plater's death.
    The Beiderbecke collection was classic stuff and rang a special note with me as I was a student in Leeds around the time when the series were filmed, with Leeds as a back drop.
    In more recent times I enjoyed his collaborations with Alan Barnes on 'the Seven Ages of British Jazz' and 'Songs For Unsung Heroes' where Alan acted as narrator. I know the two Alans also recently wrote a musical together .

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