Postcards from Copenhagen (1)

I’m over here for a few days as a guest of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. First visit. First superficial impressions. A beautiful city. A lot of water like Amsterdam or Stockholm. A lot of towers like San Gimignano or New York. The wonderful politeness and friendliness, typical of some of Europe’s smaller countries – Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium…

And I’m dying to unravel a mystery. Why is the Danish phrase for when things don’t turn out as you hope: “To stand with your hair (or your beard, I’m told…) in a Post Box “?

at stå med håret i postkassen

I also heard a great gig by Joshua Redman and a review is on its way.

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  1. To be stuck in one place?

    Denmark is my old stomping ground, I grew up there, speak the language, mailed many letters in those red boxes, but I never heard that expression. In Iceland, where I was born and also grew up, and speak the language, one expresses great surprise with “Now dead lice fall from my head!” Nu detta af mér dauða lys!


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