"40 jazz things to do before you die (or Keith Jarrett kills you)"*

A visit to Woodlawn Cemetery in NYC (above) is one of the suggestions in a list from Lee Mergner of JazzTimes, in celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the magazine (Happy Anniversary!) which also includes:

-Listen to every Miles Davis CD in chronological order and dress accordingly for each period

-Wear your JazzTimes T-shirt and pace back and forth outside the offices of DownBeat in Elmhurst, Ill.

-Cough as quietly as possible during a Keith Jarrett concert, without getting lectured or lambasted

For the British version of this extreme sport………try walking up to one of the musicians listed in” Dave Newton’s Alternative Professions” and ask them if they’ve ever done the job described.

*JazzTimes are responsible for this title

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