Long Distance Duet

Regular readers may remember this clip of saxophonist, kidney transplant beneficiary and general good guy, Andy Williamson playing a long distance duet with Dave Silk on bass, half way through abseiling down Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital.

Should any of you wish to attempt to repeat this with a trumpet, double bass or miniature casio keyboard, Andy is looking for volunteers to participate and raise funds for another sponsored abseil at the hospital this Sunday 01 August in aid of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association. Get in touch with him through bigbuzzard.co.uk or 07980 680052.

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  1. There are indeed some last minute spots to do this abseil. Anyone welcome – no instrument required. You have to be at least 16 years old, and be prepared to raise as much sponsorship possible for the Guy's Kidney Patient Association. This is very easy to do by setting up a page on Justgiving, and sending a note around your friends and family.

    I had a kidney transplant at Guy's in August 2007 – my donor was another musician, full story here:

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